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    Post by Mordred on Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:53 pm

    Do you want to keep it simple and just have one central website and account for all of your favorite kind of forums? Well you've arrived! Here at The Universe, the main goal is just that - to make a sort of central hub for as many different topics as possible and give the simplicity of just using the same account for all of them. Anyone of any age and background is allowed to join so no need to worry about that. Below is a set of universal rules that will be added to the already existing rules displayed from your registration to apply across all forums on this website. However, if one of the forums happens to have their own set of rules, then those rules will add to and or override these ones for that specific forum. Please read rules carefully before starting to post.

    1.  Show respect to all members and staff no matter what their views, religion, background, race, age, etc.

    2. Avoid using profanity on the forums. Even though we won't crack down on profanity use in private messaging, we do encourage you to still keep it to a minimal.

    3. Any illegal behaviour will be dealt with as a priority and the user(s) involved will be banned without warning(Includes human and animal abuse).

    4. Do not post or link pornographic content of any kind whether it be CG(Computer Generated) or real life photos. We want our forums to remain clean and healthy for all of our members. Punishment for this is a ban without warning.

    5. No one is obligated to give away private and sensitive information about themselves. Do not give away someones private and sensitive information unless given permission.

    6. Do not post real life photos of other people unless the person(s) who are the central subject(s) in the photo give you permission, or if the photo is widely cirrculated enough to be already have been seen/used by many others on the public internet. Copyrighted photos will be allowed only until the owner requests their removal, and at which point you must comply with their request.

    And that is all! Mostly common sense anyways, am I right? Cool And remember, no one is excempt from these rules, even the staff.

    Have a nice day!  Smile

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